Setting up as an electronic  repair authorized service center



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If you plan to upgrade your workshop into an Authorized Service Center, this should guarantee plenty of work and a secure future. Setting up from scratch as an Authorized Service Center is not an easy job. Your workshop need to meet the manufacturers’ requirement first before they can appoint your company as an Authorized Service Center.

• Good track record – Manufacturer expect a company to have a good track record in the trade and have been around for a long time.
• Accessibility – Easy for a manufacturer to deliver products to you for repair besides it save time.
• Space – A company must have enough space to store their product. A light industrial unit will be
fine for them.
• Security – An alarm system is essential, door and windows must be protected so they are difficult to
force. Any break in will cause you to lose business.
• Reception Area – A proper reception area, neat and tidy workshop will reflect on them as well. First
impression count a lot.
• Tools and Test Equipment – The variety of tools and test equipment available will be taken into
account. An oscilloscope, frequency counter, SMD rework station is a certain requirement. The work bench should be of decent size and comes with a fluorescent lighting.
• Employee – There must be enough of employee to cope up with the work of repair.

Prolong or continuous delay of repair will make them to reconsider of changing to another service center.

To run an Authorized Service Center needs total dedication, but it will bring you into contact with a lot of people, some of who can be quite influential. It can also widen the product range that comes your way.

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