Secrets to find flyback transformer for substitution

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Some flyback transformer even though have different part number, can actually be substitute into monitor. There is many flyback transformer manufacturer thus many different types of part number produced. One good example is the samtron monitor flyback-FKD15A001 is the same as FKG15A001. Another example is the acer monitor-19.00026 same as 19.00038. In order to successfully find out whether a particular flyback can be replace with another part number or even with another brand is to use inductance meter. Generally monitor flyback have few pins that are important which is the B+, collector pulse, G1, AFC, ABL, GND, and horizontal centering pin. If you want to make sure that the replacement flyback can work for your monitor, you have to first find out the inductance value of each winding. Tolerances should be around 5- 10 %. Assuming the original flyback primary winding (B+ and collector pulse pin) have a inductance value of 1 milihenry then the replacement should have a value somewhere between .9mh to 1.1 mh. A too high or too low value will cause the display horizontal width (size) become too big or too small and even can damage the monitor Horizontal output transistor.

Next you have to find the value of GND to G1, GND to AFC and etc. As for how to find the abl pin you may refer to my previous article on finding the flyback abl pin. If you have a flyback schematic then it would be good. If you do not have then i'm afraid you have to find the pin on your own. May be in the beginning you need a lot of time to master this technique to find a flyback for substitution, but as time goes by you will be good in measuring the flyback inductance value and  be able to find the right substitution.