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monitor blur buster, mbb
-> Introduction to Monitor Blur Buster (MBB)

This Product has been tested to thousands of 14" & 15" monitors of all brands for 
nearly 4 years.

The flyback generates 24KV to the CRT, thus the focus / screen voltage divider from conventional flyback starts to blur due to the heat which is generated from the flyback itself.

With our new External monitor blur buster, it can last longer as it is separated from the conventional flyback. Monitor blur buster has been a great demand from monitor repairing centres' simply because of the hassle-free and easy-to-install (5 minutes) method of fixing it into all brands of 14" & 15" monitors.

Advantages In Purchasing Monitor Blur Buster From Noahtech

  1. 6-months warranty.
  2. Based on one-to-one exchange for replacement.
  3. Comes with dual input anode cap and cable tie for fast and easy installation.
  4. Comes with installation diagram for new purchasers.
  5. Small and compact.
  6. Very safe product, the epoxy material is according to flame retardance Specification (UL-94V-0)
  7. A very reliable and stable product (450 mega Ohm), less heat generated.
  8. All questions and problems regarding the Monitor Blur Buster can be answered through mail, e-mail, phone or fax.
  9. 60-days satisfaction or money-back guarantee.

Note: Only qualified and trained technicians are allowed to install the Monitor Blur Buster.

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-> Monitor Blur Buster (MBB) Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

What is a Monitor Blur Buster ( MBB)?
It is a device specially designed to solve monitor blur problem caused by the failing function of a flyback transformer.

Why should I use a MBB?
Because it can help you solve all 14" & 15" monitor blur problem which is caused by a flyback transformer. You don't have to search for a specific flyback for each monitor, thus you are saving time and time is money. Besides the cost of a unit of MBB is cheaper than a new unit of flyback transformer.

Can a MBB be installed into a 17" monitor?
No. Unless the 17" monitor flyback transformer is using a single focus such as Packard Bell Model 3010 Fcc No: BEJCM710.

Is MBB a safe product?
Yes. The epoxy material used complies with the flame retardance specification (UL-94V-0) which is the same material used to manufactured a new flyback transformer. In addition, it has been tested on thousands of monitors without a glitch.

How long is the lifespan of a MBB?
It can last for many years, provided that the flyback transformer internal capacitance & Winding is in a good condition.

What are the other functions of a MBB besides solving monitor blur problem?
• Raster slowly becomes bright caused by a defective screen (G2) control.
• Erratic focus or screen (G2) voltage where the result may be a too bright or dark picture.

What other benefit can be derived from using a MBB?
It enables you to verify if the flyback transformer needs replacement, versus the CRT.

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-> Technical Support for Monitor Blur Buster

Q After installing the MBB, when I switched on the monitor, a 'tic-tic' sound can be heard from the MBB.
A Ensure that the ground cable of the MBB is solder to the ground, preferably to the main board of the monitor.

Q Which part of the monitor should I place the MBB?
A You can place it on top of the convergence board of the CRT or any side of the aluminium shielding of the CRT board.

Q When I turn the focus pot of the MBB, the raster of the monitor varies. Why?
A This is most probably due to internal shorts between G2 & focus electrode of the CRT. Ensure that the CRT is functioning well before installing the MBB.

Q I can't get a sharp image after installing the MBB?

A MBB is a device designed to tackle picture blur due to failure of a flyback transformer. If the picture blur is due to a defect of CRT then this MBB cannot solve this problem. Another reason may be contributed by the dot pitch of the CRT. The lower the dot pitch, the sharper the picture will become. Don't expect a 0.31mm will become the sharpness of a 0.25mm monitor after installing the MBB.

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->Monitor that has been successfully installed with Monitor Blur Buster

Monitor Brand
Digital 14"
Adi provista 14"
Digital 14"
Sonica 15"
Sound vision 15
Acerview 14"
Olivetti 14"
Digitek 14"
Acer Aspire 15"
Wearnes 14"
Packard Bell 14"
2025 FCC: H4KM15007
TVM 14"
Siemen 14"
Hannson 15"
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