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Q: What is the minimum requirement to enrol for the workshops?

A: There is no minimum requirement needed as long as you have basic understanding of Mathematics, English Language and Bahasa Malaysia.

Q: When can I start the workshop?

A: You may give us a call at 603-6277 8522/3 and enquire for the latest schedules available.

Q: Should I sit for an examination in order to obtain the Certificate of Attendance?

A: No examination is required for the workshop. Certificate of Attendance will be awarded upon full attendance of the workshop.

Q: Does Noahtech provide lodging arrangement for outstation participants?

A: Yes, we can assist you in the arrangement for accommodation. Participants are advised to book for the accommodation two weeks in advanced before the commencement of the workshop. For more information, please call our customer service department at 603-6277 8522/3

Q: Can I take up all the workshops offered at one time?

A: You may, but it is dependent on the schedule of the required workshops.

Q: Can I view your workshop room or premises before signing up?

A: Yes, you’re welcome to visit Noahtech. Just call at 603-6277 8522/3 and make an appointment prior to enrolment.

Q: Is it true that within a short period, one can learn how to troubleshoot and repair a monitor or printer?

A: The current range of monitors and printers are easily repaired as they use fewer components. Noahtech will guide you through an easy way to diagnose and troubleshoot in the quickest possible way. Our workshops are mainly catered for those who want to be a professional technician and also for those who want to set up a computer monitor and printer repairing business. We have experienced instructors to guide you to become a professional repairer plus practical training in Noahtech where you will be exposed to the real environment involving repairing monitors or printers.

Q: Is it worth the while to invest so much money into these workshops? And when can I get obtain my ‘returns’ on investments?

A: We believe that the fees that Noahtech charges are the most reasonable in the market. Your money invested into these workshops will soon see the many fold ‘returns’ once you learn how to repair a monitor or a printer.

For example,

The average charges for repairing an end-user monitor will be RM80.00 to RM100.00. If you could repair 2 monitors a day, your income will be at a minimum of RM160.00 a day.

In one months time, your minimum income can increase to RM160.00 x 26 = RM4,160.00. And this income is considered on par a month engineer’s income. Just imagine if you could repair 4 items or 6 items a day. YOUR INCOME WILL DEFINITELY DOUBLE OR EVEN TRIPLE UP!

Q: How can I start my own business?

A: If you have decided to start a repairing business, Noahtech will assist you in starting your own business. We will advice you right from the set-up of a technical department, business development activities and planning for an efficient system to smoothen the operations of your business.

Q: I understand that I must attend a full one-year course to enable me to learn how to repair electronic equipment. Is that true?

A: Listen to the professionals from Noahtech! You don’t have to know everything in order to repair a monitor or a printer! Noahtech’s workshops are specially designed to shorten your journey into becoming a professional monitor and printer repairer in just a FEW DAYS!

Q: Once I have completed the Introduction To Testing Basic Electronic Component, can I choose others electronics repairing field instead of just monitor or printer?

A: Of course, you can choose to repair POWER SUPPLIES, TVs, VCDs, DVDs, FAX MACHINE, AUDIO EQUIPMENT, UPSs, etc. Noahtech will guide you on repairing monitors and printers. However, you can still discuss the problems that you encounter during any types of repairs. REMEMBER, you are not alone in this field. We want you to be a successful technician as well as in your business.

Q: Is there a huge potential in the computer monitor and printer repairing industry in Malaysia?

A: According to theMultimedia Development Corp. (MDC) in April 2000, the expected Internet user in Malaysia is approximately 6-7 million. The percentage growth of Internet user from 1995 to 2000 is 228%. This translates to a high usage of computers and printers

Further more, the total population in Malaysia is estimated to be at 23 million. Presently, the Malaysian government has in place initiatives to promote the use of computer in every home. Assuming that there are 5 members in a household. This equates to 4.6 million computers in Malaysia, excluding computer users in offices, schools, colleges, factories, internet cafés, etc.

From this information, we can see there is a huge market in computer monitor and printer repairing in Malaysia. Currently, there is a shortage of experienced and well-trained technicians to repair such a huge volume of monitors and printers.

Q: Can I make a living just by repairing monitors and printers alone?

A: Basically, to run a monitor and printer repairing business, you need to have perseverance, hard work and the willingness to learn and to expand your knowledge on repairing. There are monitor repairers who has an average income of between RM6,000-RM8,000. He can afford to buy a new car and also a new house. Further more, if you are good in repairing monitors, you can also diversify into repairing other electronic items such as TVs, Audio and Industrial Equipment and etc.

Q: What about monitor or printer spare parts? Where can I purchase it?

A: Noahtech sells a wide range of spare parts for monitors and printers. We will update our spare parts inventory regularly to offer you the latest products in the market at a reasonable price.

Q: How can I update my knowledge after attending your workshops?

A: We encouraged you to update your knowledge by reading technical books where Noahtech is able to provide advice and recommendations on the type of books that will benefit you.

Currently, we are planning to set up our own mini library for electronics books where all the reading materials on Monitors, Printers, TVs, VCRs, VCDs, DVDs, Camcorders, etc. are made available to you, and we welcome you to update your knowledge here.

Q: What if I have difficulties in understanding the lessons even the completion of the workshop?

A: Do not worry. Free workshops will be provided for participants who are unable to understand the workshop content. *

Q: Will there be any refund after registration?

A: No, all payments made are not refundable.


Have you come across any technical institutions that provide you with technical back-up after completion of a workshop?

At Noahtech, we provide technical back-up in terms of the provision of spare parts, tools, testing equipment and the latest development in the monitor and printer market. The best part is that we will help you to build your own business!

Noahtech is the first computer repairing center that reveals the secret of monitor and printer repairing. Customers are always looking for the best services and of course, the best technicians. If you want to be one of them, Noahtech is the place to be and we can assure you that you are on your ways to a very successful business!

So hurry and don't miss this opportunity! If you have successfully become a well-trained technician, you are on your path to a successful career ahead!

* Term & Conditions Apply
Noahtech do provide free re-sit (within the period of 3 months) for participants who are unable to follow the lessons, subject to availability.

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